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Health Management Solutions

Health Management

Clinical Commissioning Groups 

Health Management from CM2000 works alongside CCG’s to facilitate the technology changes needed to integrate community health and care services. We work with CCG’s to develop innovative workflows and processes needed to ensure that existing community based teams are working to optimal efficiency. 

Our technology for Health includes electronic rota management, schedule optimisation, mileage wizard and mobile working solutions for teams working on the frontline. For Trust-wide administration, our Business Intelligence solution (CMBI) can provide you with the strategic view needed to provide effective performance management and capacity planning across one, or all of the services you manage.

Health Care Professionals

CallConfirmLive! is the award winning, supplier hosted software application at the heart of our Health Management services. The system is accessible via any internet enabled PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CallConfirmLive! can be used by a wide range of HCP’s to access and update patient records held on the system. This means staff always have the very latest information available about a patient’s condition.

CallConfirmLive! helps empower staff with enhanced communication functionality available through their mobile devices. Staff can check their visits schedules and patient records in real-time whilst out in the field. They also have the ability to record observations and patients’ progress towards achievement of outcomes goals directly into the system. This allows staff to remain in the field for longer, reducing the travel time involved in returning to their bases.

To discover how our Health Management solutions can integrate with your existing EPR, save money and improve efficiency, call us today on 0121 308 3010 or email